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What To Do In The Event of a Car Accident?

Nov 17, 2021

There is a saying “The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today” and today, the best thing you can do is to understand what to do in case you find yourself in a car accident.

Car accidents can cause physical and emotional damage, Del Toro Insurance wants to insure you are prepared for this type of situation, to save you and your loved ones some unexpected stress.

First, remain calm and make sure everyone is safe. Safety is the most important state for your health and well-being, make sure the other vehicle or vehicles involved in the car accident are okay too.

After you assess your surroundings, call the police. Once the police officers arrive do not admit guilt, let them do their job as they evaluate the situation.

Next, just like many like to take selfies or pictures of every moment, this too is a moment you should remember, not for social media (or maybe) but for evidence of the situation. Make sure to take as many pictures as possible, from every angle and distance, to capture as much information as possible. Always remember, safety first! If there is high traffic around, it is best to stay inside your vehicle.

As you wait for the police officer to arrive at the scene, make sure you exchange contact information with the other driver or drivers. Get their full name, phone number, address, driver license number and vehicle insurance policy number.

Lastly, call your Del Toro Insurance agent to let them know about your situation. The Del Toro Insurance agent will guide you in the process of filing a claim.

For more information or to request a Free quote visit or Call 305-DEL-TORO.


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