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Understanding How Traffic Tickets Can Impact Auto Insurance Rates in Florida

Aug 27, 2023

If you are pulled over for a traffic ticket while driving on the streets of the Sunshine State, it’s extremely frustrating. But you try to console yourself, thinking that you will simply need to pay a fine and get over it. Unfortunately, that’s not it because a speeding ticket can create a major impact on your auto insurance in Florida. Keep scrolling to understand how traffic tickets will impact your insurance premiums in Florida.

How Do Traffic Tickets Impact Auto Insurance Rates in Florida?

Unfortunately, a traffic ticket in Florida can bring an additional financial burden on your shoulders other than the fines you are paying. If you end up getting a traffic ticket, there’s a high chance that your insurance rates in Palmetto Bay will increase. A moving violation indicates that you have been driving around unsafely.

In that case, you are more likely to get involved in an auto accident. As a result, your insurance company will increase your auto insurance premium in Cutler Bay and make it difficult for you to afford it.

Earning more points on your driving license can also lead to negative financial consequences. If you get twelve points within twelve months, your license will get suspended for a month. A greater number of points can lead to suspension for even longer periods. It will make you pay expensive auto insurance premiums even when you are not driving.

Which Types of Traffic Tickets Affect Car Insurance in Florida?

Moving violations such as reckless driving citations, speeding tickets, and DWI or DUI convictions are highly likely to impact your auto insurance rates in Margate, FL. According to the type of type and number of tickets you get, your insurance provider is likely to consider you a high-risk driver. As a high-risk driver, you will have to pay higher auto insurance rates than usual.

Meanwhile, non-moving violations like parking tickets and seat belt infractions won’t usually impact your cost of automobile insurance in Florida. But every insurance company has different sets of terms and conditions. Therefore, you should check out the underwriting guidelines of your insurer to learn what types of traffic tickets will impact your car insurance rates in Homestead, FL.

What Do Drivers Need to Know About Driving Violations in Florida?

Driving violations in Florida can lead to monetary fines and points to your driving license. Usually, the maximum fine for speeding violations in North Miami Beach or other areas in the state is $500. But the amount will be higher if the violation happens in a school or construction zone. The number of points accrued on your driving license will be determined by how fast you were driving over the legal speed limit.

How Can You Reduce Your Car Insurance After Receiving a Speeding Ticket in Florida?

In some jurisdictions in Florida, you can take a driver improvement course after receiving a speeding ticket. It will withhold judgment for your ticket and won’t add points to your license. As long as you didn’t cause an accident and are eligible to complete the course, insurance companies in Hialeah Gardens, FL, will not be able to increase your premiums. However, every driver is not eligible for the driver improvement course after getting a speeding ticket.

What Strategies Can Florida Motorists Employ to Save on Increasing Car Insurance Rates?

Motorists in Coral Gables and other areas in Florida can follow these strategies to reduce increasing car insurance rates:

  • Ask for Discounts: You should take advantage of the discounts offered by your insurance provider in Hialeah, FL, to significantly reduce car insurance premium rates. Some common saving opportunities include paperless billing, paid-in-full, and vehicle safety discounts.
  • Change Your Coverage: Switching your full coverage auto insurance policy to liability only can help reduce premium rates in Naples, FL. But you should remain aware of the exclusions if you remove full coverage.

Ending Note

Struggling with high insurance premiums after a speeding ticket in Miami, FL? At Del Toro Insurance, we offer affordable insurance rates even for drivers with speeding tickets. We believe that a moving violation should not create a heavy financial burden for you. So, check out our insurance plans now!


Will a speeding ticket in Florida always increase my insurance premiums?

A speeding ticket in Florida won’t increase your insurance premiums if you are not convicted.

Which is the best insurer for Florida drivers with speeding tickets?

Del Toro Insurance is the go-to destination for Florida drivers with speeding tickets to find affordable premiums.

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