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How Can You Safeguard Your Florida Home Amidst Increasing Homeowners Insurance Rates?

Aug 14, 2023

Owning a home in Florida is an increasing cost thanks to the doubling and sometimes tripling of homeowners’ insurance across the state. To make matters even more complicated for homeowners, large and small insurance companies are canceling current home insurance policies and pulling out of the state, resulting in fewer options to find coverage. With over fourteen insurance companies now in bankruptcy, finding ways to safeguard current coverage and insurance rates is becoming more crucial for everyone.

There are several steps homeowners can take to help reduce the risk of significant increases in Florida home insurance. The team at Del Toro Insurance can provide suggestions for your property and help you to find the most competitively priced homeowners insurance.

Adding Hurricane Clips

Hurricane clips are a structural component that can be added to any home. These are shaped steel brackets that are used to connect the roof truss to the wall structure. The clip has holes that allow for additional nails or screws to reinforce the attachment of the roof to the walls, reducing the risk of the roof lifting in a hurricane.

The use of hurricane clips allows the home’s walls and foundation to add to the roof’s strength, helping to resist the upward pull of hurricane winds. Also known as hurricane straps or ties, these components are made of corrosion-resistant steel and last for a lifetime.

New home construction in Florida since 2001 required the use of hurricane clips. If you have an older home, these clips can be installed in an existing home, but it is more involved as access to the wall studs and rafters is required for the process.

The good news is that retrofitting a home with hurricane clips can dramatically decrease the cost of insurance on older homes. The reduction is specific to each insurance company, but most homeowners can expect to save a quarter to half of their current insurance costs.

Other Considerations to Safeguard a Home

Reducing the risk of damage with some basic home repairs is an effective way to prevent damage from wind and water. Keeping the home in good repair is always a critical consideration and helps to reduce claims against a homeowners insurance policy.

Look for any areas on the exterior of the home that may allow water to enter. Pay attention to vents, pipes, hose bibs, and cables since they require an opening to the outside of the home. Fill any gaps with waterproof caulk that prevents water from entering the home during heavy rains or flooding.

Check your doors and windows and upgrade to hurricane-proof options. Choosing hurricane-proof doors and tempered glass sliding doors is important to protect your property. Adding storm shutters and having plywood on hand to cover any windows or doors not covered by storm shutters is another way to reduce damage. Ensure an attached garage door is in good condition and upgrade to one that is storm rated for additional protection.

Check trees and remove any old limbs or trees that are at risk of falling on the home. Consider removing items in the yard that could become projectiles in a storm. This can be done at the time a storm warning is issued.

If you have questions about protecting your home or safeguarding your home insurance in Florida, call Del Toro Insurance at (305) 335-8676 or reach us online. We proudly serve homeowners throughout Hialeah Gardens, Margate, Homestead, Palmetto Bay, Cutler Bay, Hialeah Gardens, North Miami Beach, Coral Gables, Hialeah, Naples, and Miami, FL.



How can I assess the vulnerability of my Florida home to potential hazards?

Talking to your home insurance provider and reviewing the information provided helps to evaluate and assess any potential risks for your Florida home.

Are there any steps I can take to mitigate the risk factors that drive up insurance rates?

Adding hurricane clips to older home roofs and keeping the home in good repair are two ways to reduce the risk of hurricane damage. Following any recommendations for hurricane risk mitigation provided by your homeowners’ insurance company is also beneficial.

How can I ensure that my home is adequately protected against hurricanes and windstorms?

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) provides information for protecting residential properties in areas where hurricanes are a risk. This practical information is designed to help homeowners prepare before a storm.

What steps can I take to improve the security of my Florida home and potentially reduce insurance costs?

Installing hurricane clips, ensuring garage doors are in good condition, and adding hurricane-proof doors and storm shutters can potentially help reduce insurance costs.

Should I consider purchasing additional coverage options, such as flood insurance, to protect my Florida home?

To assess your current homeowners’ insurance coverage and any additional coverage required, contact Del Toro Insurance for a policy review.

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