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Car Insurance Rates Florida

Floridians Are Facing Higher Premiums For Car Insurance, As Rates Continue To Climb In 2023

Aug 24, 2023

According to recently released data, many insurance companies have left Florida or gone under in the past year. This has been attributed to the rising number of insurance fraud cases and the increased risk of driving in the state.

If you’re in Hialeah Gardens, FL, Margate, FL, Homestead, FL, Palmetto Bay, Cutler Bay, Hialeah Gardens, FL, North Miami Beach, Coral Gables, Hialeah, FL, Naples, FL, or Miami, FL, and you need car insurance coverage, this article is designed for you.

Read through to understand why Florida is the most expensive state for car insurance in the U.S.

What is the average cost of Automobile Insurance In Florida?

Even if the cost of auto insurance in Florida depends on age, driving history, and where you live as in other states, Floridians are paying 37% more for car insurance than the rest of the country.

The national annual average for full insurance coverage is $2,014 while Floridians pay $3,183 per year, which is 37% more. Furthermore, the national annual average for minimum insurance coverage is $622 per year while Floridians pay an average rate of $1,128 per year, which is 45% more.

What main factors contribute to the cost of car insurance in Florida?

Florida is ranked third on the list of most dangerous states in which to drive. Among others, the following contribute to the high cost of automobile insurance Florida.

  • No-fault auto insurance laws. For you to drive in Florida, you must meet the state’s minimum liability requirements. You’re required to purchase personal injury protection (PIP) and property damage limits coverage. These two liability coverages, at a minimum of $10,000 each, are extra requirements as the state is a no-fault state.

  • High traffic density. Florida’s amusement parks, beaches, and ports attract millions of visitors each year. This leads to increased traffic density and busy roadways and hence, higher car insurance rates.

  • Uninsured drivers. Did you know that Florida is ranked sixth on the list of states with the highest number of uninsured drivers? Well, despite the clear legal requirement for car insurance, 20% of drivers in Florida are uninsured and you might need an uninsured motorist insurance.

  • Extreme weather conditions. The state experiences more severe weather exposing drivers to severe weather risks. The frequent weather hazards, such as daily thunderstorms in summer, tornadoes, and hurricanes, increase the incidences of damage and total loss of cars.

  • Average driver profiles. Age is a crucial factor when determining a driver’s profile. Generally, young inexperienced drivers and seniors pay higher insurance premiums. The high number of people in these age groups in Florida lead to high insurance rates.

Why are Florida auto insurance rates going up in 2023?

In general, across the U.S., car insurance rates are on the rise and Florida is no exception. Busier roadways, extra auto insurance requirements, the increasing cost of healthcare, climate change, and average driver profiles have contributed to the rising cost of car insurance.


The cost of healthcare in Florida is higher than the national average by about 14%. To cover the medical expenses incurred by the driver, passengers, and third parties, in case of an accident, insurers will increase their insurance premium rates.

What should drivers consider when selecting an auto insurance policy?

When shopping for automobile insurance, Florida, you must consider the following:


  1. The amount of coverage you need. From the state’s required coverage list, determine if you need additional coverage and its cost.

  2. Your budget. Draft a budget and choose the coverage that suits your budget. Strike a balance between your insurance needs and the budget.

  3. The insurer. Choose a reputable insurer to avoid disappointments. You wouldn’t want an insurance company that will be absent when you need them most.

How to save on car insurance in Florida?

Since car insurance rates are high in Florida, being aware of how to save a buck is important. The steps below can help you save on auto insurance Florida.

  1. Shop around for quotes from different insurers. Get quotes from at least three insurance providers and compare them.

  2. Bundle your insurance policies. If you’re purchasing other insurance policies, try bundling them into one to get lower rates.

  3. Ask for discounts and take advantage of offers. Insurance providers often run programs from which you can benefit.

  4. Consider using an insurance comparison tool to get the best rate. With Del Toro Insurance, you’re guaranteed the best possible rate.


Shopping around for car insurance in Florida can be frustrating if you don’t know what exactly to look out for. Luckily for you, Del Toro Insurance is a trusted car insurance provider. Visit our website today and get the best possible quote for your car.

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