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One of our Managers at Del Toro Insurance has just joined to our Distinctive Franchise System becoming in the owner of her own business !!! Congratulations on this great partnership!!.

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A Friday 12th of wonderful news!! A new franchisee joined our Distinctive Franchise System. The Chilean Community Welcome to the Del Toro family!.

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On the eve of July 4, what better news than continuing to expand our Distinctive Franchise System in West Palm Beach. Welcome to the Del Toro family.

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Second new franchisee of this blessed Tuesday, join our Distinctive Franchise System. Welcome to the Del Toro family.

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Another new franchisee has joined right now to our Distinctive Franchise System. Welcome to the Del Toro family.

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Just a few minutes ago, a new franchisee joined our Distinctive Franchise System. The Ecuadorian community welcomes the Del Toro family.

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The family continues to grow, minutes ago other new franchisees have just joined our Distinctive Franchise System. Welcome to Del Toro family.

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Today, as part of our participation in the Annual Convention of the Florida Association of Insurance Agents (FAIA) held in Orlando, Del Toro Insurance held a seminar this morning to promote the growth of the insurance industry through franchises. Entrepreneurs and business owners participated in the event.

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Taking a big step and adding new services, two entrepreneurial businesswomen join our family. Welcome Gordon & Oropeza to Del Toro Insurance family.

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Del Toro Insurance

Fomentando el camino hacia la industria de los seguros

América TV captó todo lo que fue el fórum y la celebración de los 25 años de Del Toro Insurance. Con Del Toro Insurance tienes todo lo que necesitas para estar bien asegurado y además crecer profesionalmente con tu propia franquicia. Si eres emprendedor y quieres asegurar tu futuro empresarial con una marca consolidada!! Esta es tu oportunidad, completa el formulario y uno de nuestros agentes se estará comunicando contigo con todas las dudas que tengas para emprender tu negocio.

Annual Convention of the FAIA
June, 2024

Del Toro Insurance 25th Anniversary

Del Toro is a family business and that has defined much of the path it has traveled to this day. The main reason for starting out in this industry has been to contribute to a community that needs us and with which we feel an eternal commitment. Growth would not have been possible without the support and permanent exchange with our community whom we have tried to serve with immense respect.
On the other hand, we have tried to provide a service that is also deeply rooted in family values because we consider that targeting the well-being of families in a society that is transforming day by day is essential. We have simply delivered transparency, honesty, trust and loyalty, which I believe have really been the key to being able to treasure the preference of our clients over the years.
Time really passes very quickly. We began our journey in a small office located in the west of the county. Today we are a solid company with a commercial presence throughout the state of Florida and an increasingly large group of franchisees who have opted to be part of the Del Toro family, making our business model their own. To our pride, the vast majority have been families that have turned to entrepreneurship and that, today, replicate those values of transparency, honesty, trust and loyalty to their clients.

Insurance Rates Florida

Florida Residents Are Facing a Significant Rise in Insurance Rates

Aug 20, 2023

Living in Florida and basking in the warmth of the sun on a beautiful beach is a goal for people in the USA and from other parts of the world. Unfortunately, the high cost of insurance coverage for vehicle and home insurance makes keeping this dream alive difficult for many people.

In recent reports, homeowners in the Sunshine State are paying more than four times the national average insurance rates. In other parts of the country, the average home insurance cost is $1,700 per year, with residents in Florida paying $6,000.

The Weather Factor

Florida is one of the states with a high risk for natural disasters. With hurricane season lasting from June 1st to November 30th, insurance companies have a significant window of possible payouts, and with storms on the increase for both frequency and intensity, the risk continues to grow.

Hurricane Ian, which hit the coast of Florida in 2022, resulted in almost $113 billion in damage. This was the third most costly hurricane in the USA, with only Katrina and Harvey resulting in more damage. In addition to Ian, hurricanes Michael, Irma, Wilma, and Dennis, all at least Category 3 storms, have hit the state since July 2005.

While the weather is a significant factor, it is not the only factor contributing to increased rates charged by insurance companies. Unfortunately, like the weather, changing these issues is not a simple process.

Litigation Abuse

Homeowners’ insurance lawsuits in the state make up 79% of all total homeowners’ lawsuits filed in the country. Programs have been in place throughout the state for years to shield the policy owner from paying legal fees, even if they lost the case. This left the insurance companies paying for all legal fees, adding to the cost of the process and increasing insurance rates as this cost was passed on to the homeowners.

This policy ended on January 1st, 2023, but before the regulation went into effect, over 300,000 lawsuits were filed that will be heard under the prior process.

Additionally, the assignment of benefits or AOB policies allowed the homeowner to sign over claims to contractors who completed unauthorized or necessary work and then attempted to bill the insurance companies. When these claims were denied, the contractors filed lawsuits against the insurance company, further adding to litigation costs.


Most of the insurance coverage providers in the state are smaller regional companies. They use reinsurance, which is purchasing coverage from another insurance company in the event of large payouts. As storms and damages increase, the cost of this reinsurance rises, and it changes based on the renewal time. In January of 2023, some insurance companies faced a reinsurance increase of 100%, further driving up insurance rates.

These factors, and others, contribute to the rising cost of insurance rates in Florida. If you live in the Hialeah Gardens, Margate, Homestead, Palmetto Bay, Cutler Bay, Hialeah Gardens, North Miami Beach, Coral Gables, Hialeah, Naples, and Miami, FL, areas, Del Toro Insurance is here to help.

For more information on how to possibly reduce the cost of insurance coverage for your home, call us today at (305) 335-8676. You can also reach us online for answers to your insurance questions.



How do the recent changes in weather patterns affect insurance rates in Florida?

Increased storm intensity and frequency result in a greater number of claims, which increases insurance rates throughout the state.

Are there any steps Florida residents can take to mitigate the impact of rising insurance rates?

Completing a wind mitigation inspection and making recommended improvements to the roof of the home, adding hurricane-proof doors and storm shutters can help reduce rate increases.

How can Florida residents assess whether their current insurance coverage is still suitable given the rising rates?

Talk to an insurance agent at Del Toro Insurance to review your current coverage and explore options to reduce your insurance costs.

Are there any alternative insurance options available for Florida residents facing high rates?

Homeowners in Florida may qualify for Citizens Insurance, which is a not-for-profit insurance provider. Shopping for other insurance companies in the state may also provide lower rates than your current provider.

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