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Despite the Insurance Crisis Del Toro Insurance Continues to Rule the Insurance Market in Florida

Sep 24, 2023

The insurance market in Florida continues to be volatile despite many statutory and federal interventions. Increased risk exposure due to weather related issues has led to the discontinuation of policy offerings by several insurance companies. As a consequence, many Floridians cannot get insurance coverage as they cannot afford the prohibitive premium rates.

Even when several insurers are exiting the market, Del Toro Insurance continues to offer insurance in the Sunshine State. In this write-up, we evaluate why Del Toro Insurance rules the insurance market in Florida.

How has Del Toro Insurance managed to maintain its dominance despite the insurance crisis?

  • Different Types of Insurance Policies

When shopping for an insurance company, Florida, you might need to engage several insurers for different policies. With Del Toro Insurance, however, you don’t need to keep looking as they offer different insurance policies at competitive rates. Whether you’re seeking an insurance policy for your home or automobile, Del Toro Insurance has you covered. With Del Toro, you can get health insurance, Florida renters insurance, RV coverage, and rideshare insurance, among others.

  • Affordability

Buying all your insurance policies from one insurance company is cost-effective. Their clients enjoy the attractive single billing options. This makes payments of monthly premiums less confusing and easy to manage, helping you keep track of your policy payments.

One insurance carrier for all policies also affords multi-policy discounts as you can negotiate premiums for the bundled policies. With one carrier, you can get comprehensive umbrella insurance for added coverage.

How does Del Toro Insurance differ from other insurance providers in Florida?

  • Years of Experience

For starters, Del Toro Insurance has more than twenty-five years in the insurance industry. This has allowed the company to establish resilient systems for tough situations. Even when risk exposure is exceedingly high, Del Toro is still in operation. This shows how the company differs from other insurers in the market.

  • Convenience

The company is conveniently located in Florida to increase accessibility. You can also visit the company’s website to check out the different insurance products. Whether you are in Hialeah Gardens, Margate, Homestead, Palmetto Bay, Cutler Bay, North Miami Beach, Coral Gables, Hialeah, Naples, or Miami, FL, Del Toro Insurance is there to serve you.

What measures has Del Toro Insurance taken to address the challenges posed by the insurance crisis?

  • Expertise

The current insurance crisis in Florida is considered man-made as it is largely exacerbated by fraudulent insurance claims and frivolous lawsuits. To circumvent this, Del Toro Insurance has engaged highly trained and licensed agents with knowledge of the industry.

Expertise has enabled the company to weather the storm and continue the different policy offerings in Florida. It has also enabled the company to offer competitive home insurance rates Florida even when insurers are hiking their premiums.

  • Partnerships

According to recent reports, litigation costs have forced local residential-only insurers to close business. For insurers operating in different states, the litigation costs have led to increased premiums and the discontinuation of certain insurance policies.

With the right partnerships, however, Del Toro Insurance has been able to adjust its operations accordingly and overcome challenges in the Florida market. The company has partnered with some of the best insurance providers in the market.

How does Del Toro Insurance handle insurance claims during the crisis?

For auto insurance Florida, whenever you’re involved in an accident, you should remain at the scene unless you’re injured and need immediate medical attention. Be careful not to admit any fault and contact the police to report the accident.

Thereafter, report the claim to the insurer immediately. If you’re insured by a partner of Del Toro, be sure to contact the insuring company. The insurer will assess the insurance claim as per the set criteria and inform you of the outcome.

For Homeowners Insurance Florida, after you report the claim, the insurer will assign the case an adjuster. The adjuster investigates the claim and determines the damages or loss to be covered by the insurer. The adjuster will also identify any other liable parties and inform the insurance provider about his findings.


Climate change and Florida’s location will continue to influence the insurance market in Florida. If you’re on a budget and are seeking reliable insurance coverage, you should consider Del Toro Insurance. The company’s presence in multiple locations, experience in the insurance industry, expertise, and partnerships with the best insurers will ensure you’re covered even when the market is in limbo.

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