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May, 3 2024

Del Toro Insurance - 84th St Hialeah FL

About Del Toro Insurance:
84th St Hialeah FL

Del Toro insurance is a top insurance agency located in Hialeah, FL. Our team of insurance professionals provides excellent customer service and personalized insurance coverage plans to fit the individual needs of each customer.

Life insurance, auto insurance, home insurance, and more are all available at Del Toro Insurance. With comprehensive insurance plans, state-of-the-art online and mobile platforms, and helpful customer support, we are committed to offering exemplary services at the best price possible.

Customers agree that Del Toro Insurance makes their insurance buying experience effortless! Visit us today for a free quote, and learn how we can help you stay protected while saving you money!

Del Toro Insurance Agency 84th St Hialeah

Del Toro Insurance

Address: 1550 W 84th St # 77, Hialeah, FL 33014

Phone: (305) 557-2399



Hialeah Miami Springs Vertical Lift Bridge
  • Cuban heritage is a massive feature of the city's culture. Hialeah's Cuban and Cuban-American population is the highest percentage of any city in the entire country. Because of this culture, its background, and the Spanish language influence, to pronounce Hialeah, you say every vowel: Hi-ah-lee-ah.

  • Hialeah, Florida gets 65 inches of rain, on average, per year. The US average is 38 inches of rain per year.

  • August is the warmest month in Hialeah, with an average high temperature of 89.1°F (31.7°C) and an average low temperature of 82°F (27.8°C).

Frequently Asked Questions

Monday - Friday: 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM

Saturday: 9:00 AM - 2:00 PM

Sunday: Closed

Phone: 305-557-2399


Or check us out on the contact page.

We support the following languages:

  • English

  • Spanish

Our agents can explain what a claim may do to your policy and the effects of submitting a claim.

Ask your agent to explain the procedure and effects of a cancellation or non-renewal of your policy.

Our Agents are trained to help determine the type of coverage that’s right for you. We provide you with the best options for the amount of coverage you should carry & what may be gaps in your Florida insurance policies.


Gabriel Rodriguez


Nice and friendly staff. Took their time to find me insurance on a not so easy vehicle to insure.

Roger Denmark


Great phone service

Juana Sanchez


Muy buena atención al cliente.