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Understanding the Importance of an Insurance Company in Miami’s Changing Climate

Dec 30, 2023

Home and commercial property owners in the Miami, FL, area need to stay aware of the changes to the insurance industry based on the ongoing changes in the climate. Over the last several decades, and specifically since Hurricane Andrew in 1992, Floridians and insurance companies have been dealing with the rising costs of storms that are becoming more destructive and frequent over time.

In addition to the damage and cost of storms, other factors are also creating additional climate change. The average temperature in the area continues to increase. The Miami-Dade area is anticipated to average 134 days a year with a heat index of over 100 degrees Fahrenheit by 2050. This is more than triple the number of days with this same heat index before 2000.

As the air temperatures rise, the water is also heated. This heating process forms the ideal conditions for rapid intensification of storms, resulting in more significant storms and storm damage over time.

At the same time, the water levels continue to rise. Like the temperature, it is estimated that the sea levels in the Miami area will rise by ten to seventeen inches by 2040. Many researchers report modeling that shows this sea level increase will be even more rapid, which creates additional risk for home and business owners closer to the water and even for those further inland.

Are There Specific Insurance Policies Designed to Address Climate-Related Challenges in Miami?

One of the factors for any insurance company in Miami, FL, is the difficulty in finding national and regional insurance companies that offer homeowners insurance, particularly for properties in areas where storm damage and flooding are an ongoing concern.

At Del Toro Insurance, we work closely with homeowners in the area to offer homeowners insurance in Miami, FL. While rates throughout the state are steadily increasing, and some homeowners are experiencing a tripling of their premiums, we work to find affordable options for our customers.

One of the initiatives in the state is the use of Citizens Property Insurance Corporation, which is a state-mandated insurance provider. This is designed to offer coverage to homeowners who cannot find private insurance coverage due to a lack of providers or affordable insurance options. This option in property insurance is more affordable than private insurance, but premiums are also increasing for this state-mandated insurance coverage.

We also work with our customers to provide flood insurance, which is increasingly important as water levels rise on the coast. Over time, this will expand the high-risk flood areas, creating additional insurance needs for homes further inland and not directly on the coast. We have worked with clients where flood insurance saved Florida homeowners from financial ruin after a major storm.

Del Toro Insurance focuses on helping our customers ensure they have the right home insurance for their home and financial situation. In addition, we offer health insurance coverage. We also share with our customers why bundling home and auto insurance is a smart choice in Florida.

How is Miami’s Climate Changing, and What Risks Does it Pose to Residents and Businesses?

Residents and businesses in Miami are directly impacted by the ongoing change in the climate in several ways. The increasing number of high heat index days in the year creates additional strain on the electrical grid and increases the cost of keeping homes cool and comfortable.

The increasing cost of homeownership is also a factor, as those on fixed incomes are struggling with the double threat of increased electrical costs combined with significantly higher insurance premiums. This is the same issue for companies, with insurance and energy costs adding to the cost of doing business.

At the same time, the residential and commercial Florida real estate market is not experiencing the growth anticipated. With the increasing challenges in finding homeowners and property insurance, some areas have experienced an increase in homes on the market with a lack of buyers, particularly in flood risk areas.

How Do Insurance Premiums and Coverage Options Vary Based on the Level of Climate Risk in Different Areas of Miami?

As with any type of insurance, the increase in risk of a claim means an increase in overall insurance premiums. The team at Del Toro Insurance works with homeowners to evaluate their options and choose the best insurance for their location in Miami.

In addition, we can also consult with prospective home buyers, helping our customers in Hialeah Gardens, Margate, Homestead, Palmetto Bay, Cutler Bay, North Miami Beach, Coral Gables, Hialeah, Naples, and Miami FL, to be aware of the potential challenges in finding affordable insurance in specific high-risk areas.

As expected, homes and businesses located nearer to the water and in low-lying flood risk areas have the highest premiums and may be the most difficult to find affordable property insurance.

What Steps Can Individuals and Businesses Take to Reduce Their Insurance Premiums While Still Maintaining Adequate Coverage in a Changing Climate?

Working with Del Toro Insurance provides information and options to help ensure you have the lowest possible insurance premiums and the coverage you need for your home or business. Specific steps, such as completing a wind mitigation inspection and making recommended changes to the home, can result in discounts or credits on the policy.

Considering the balance between deductibles and premiums is another consideration. In some cases, increasing the deductible can reduce premiums and provide a better financial match for homeowners with other assets or savings.

The best way to consider your options is to talk to a Del Toro Insurance agent. Contact us at (305) 335-8676 to discuss your home and business insurance coverage and premiums.

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