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May, 3 2024

Home Insurance in Hialeah, FL

Del Toro Insurance Offers Quality Home Insurance in Hialeah, FL

For many reasons, Del Toro Insurance is a leading home insurance company in Hialeah, FL. Your consultation with one of the experienced professionals enables an evaluation of your requirements so that a homeowners policy meeting your specific needs is designed. There are many factors to consider. They include the value of your home, natural disaster risks like flooding and hurricanes, your credit history, optional coverage amounts, and location. Working with an insurance company that provides exceptional insurance services and competitive rates at the time of purchase and equally exceptional support and service over the policy's life is important. Nothing is more frustrating than buying an insurance policy and then discovering the company is not responsive when needing assistance. Del Toro Insurance became a leading insurance agency in Hialeah, FL by providing consistent quality customer service. You can get a quote by visiting

A home that is insured by Del Toro Insurance

Frequently Asked Questions

If you do not have a mortgage, you are not legally required to buy homeowners insurance. Being uninsured is a risky decision that leaves you financially vulnerable and potentially without a home should a natural disaster like flooding occur. Mortgage companies require home insurance and Del Toro Insurance works to ensure the right amount of insurance coverage is purchased to cover your dwelling, other structures, and personal property.

The basic homeowners insurance policy covers the house, garage, and deck. There are inclusions for detached structures like a shed and personal property coverage for belongings stolen or damaged. Bundled in the policy is personal liability coverage that applies if you accidentally damage a neighbor’s property or cause injury and optional guest medical protection that pays medical expenses for a visitor injured in your home. There is also coverage for temporary living expenses if you cannot stay in your home due to a covered claim.

Del Toro Insurance always provides ongoing support and service. Call one of the experienced professionals who will get you started on the claims process based on the insurance company issuing your homeowners insurance policy.

The Replacement Cost Estimate (RCE) determines the house coverage amount. If you remodel or add on to the house, request a new RCE. Other structures and personal property coverages are based on a percentage of the home RCE. You have options on the amount of Personal Liability Coverage, and your experienced agent in Hialeah, FL will advise you on the best amount for your risk level.